CNN Steals Fox Producer

Trish Turner, Senior Capitol Hill Producer for FNC has been scooped up by CNN to work on “Anderson Cooper 360,” FBDC has learned.

Turner previously worked for CNN in Atlanta and in D.C from 1996 before moving to FNC in 2003. Now it’s off to New York.

Congratulations to Turner on her new gig.

See the “fond farewell” note she sent out to friends and colleagues today. Notice that she does not say that she’s heading over to CNN. Surely the good folks at Fox News wouldn’t like that.

Dear friends and colleagues –

My apologies for the mass mail, but I am absolutely abysmal with good-bye’s. It’s been such a wild, wonderful, colorful 9-year ride cover this amazing beat, but now it’s time for me to find a new challenge. I’m headed to New York for an incredible opportunity. It had to be good to pull me from here!

From terrorist attacks and all of the ensuing policy implications/changes, to 5 SCOTUS nominees (!!), TARP, 2 wars, immigration reform, 50/50 Senate, a Kennedy funeral, healthcare reform – I take with me some incredible memories in which so many of you played starring roles. And while I can’t say I’ll miss the ‘bridge’ to Max Baucus’ office or the back halls and frigid booths of Hart 216, I will certainly miss you and this amazing place. I only hope those of you who are newer to the beat get to experience big policy debates and real ‘grand bargains’ once again in the not-too-distant future.

So – thank you.

I’m not sure what Fox has in mind for my replacement, but for now, feel free to reach out to my two talented colleagues who cover the Hill for Fox: Chad Pergram, John Brandt

Please be sure to look me up when you’re in NYC.

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