CNN’s Brianna Keilar Showcases Her Testicular Humor While Discussing #DeflateGate

What do you get when you cross a story about the New England Patriots and the term "deflated balls"? CNN has your answer...

Brianna Keilar“Peter Pan Syndrome” is a phrase describing the awkward status of those who grow older but never quite grow up.

Quite a few men suffer (or enjoy, depending on your perspective) from this chronic condition, but we find it refreshing to see that some female media professionals have to deal with it, too; all the better when the Peter Pan in question happens to be a senior political correspondent for CNN.

Meet Brianna Keilar.

In the clip below, she’s discussing the most recent “-Gate” imbroglio as the NFL investigates whether the Patriots used “under-inflated footballs” in their crushing defeat of the Indianapolis Colts this past weekend. In the process, we discovered that Ms. Keilar’s real age is approximately 12.

If you actually watched the game, you know that New England could have used a Nerf ball and it wouldn’t have mattered much; they smoked the Colts 45 to 7. Still, “Deflate-gate” now follows “Spy-gate” as the latest Patriots controversy.

Anyway, Keilar found herself vamping on air with CNN commentator (and adorned Pats fan, as you will note) Mel Robbins. It was a slow news day, so we’re almost certain that Mel had been working on a perfect turn of phrase since word of the “deflation” non-scandal first hit:

“My first reaction was—I was just thrilled to hear that any investigation into deflated balls by the NFL—that it didn’t involve steroids and it was just about letting air out of an actual football.”

She just couldn’t help herself, could she? We feel you, Brianna. It’s good to laugh a little bit sometimes.

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