Complete: Share Your To-Do List and Motivate Others on iOS

If you have trouble accomplishing tasks, even when they’re organized on a to-do list, a new app from Complete Labs might be up your alley


If you have trouble accomplishing tasks, even when they’re organized on a to-do list, a new application from Complete Labs might be up your alley. The “Complete” app is one part social network and one part to-do list, and it allows users to share their goals and accomplishments with others, while also receiving suggestions and advice from friends or strangers to reach new heights.

With Complete, users have access to a private to-do list, or they can share their goals and tasks with other app users and to social networks. A public task (which can contain images) can be “liked” or commented on by the community. For instance, if someone creates a task related to car repair, they can add a question to the task, soliciting advice on the best mechanics near their location. In other cases, the task may be about exercising more in this new year, and others could post motivational comments or tips on how to stick with a new diet or routine.

Users can follow their friends (or strangers) to keep track of their accomplished tasks or public to-do list, and users can browse all public tasks via an “Explore” feed. If a task requires an update before it can be completed, users can update their tasks with new comments or pictures, causing it to bounce to the top of their feed for easier reference later on.

As users complete tasks or help others complete their tasks, they’ll increase their productivity score. Completed public tasks are then logged on a user’s profile, alongside lists of people the user follows, and who follows them.

Xander Schultz, CEO and co-founder of Complete Labs, said in a statement:

Social networks have connected people like never before, but they massively underutilize the collective knowledge and experience of those people. Existing social networks are all about what we’ve already done. Complete is about what you’re going to do, opening the door for meaningful interactions that create and enhance relationships.

Complete is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.