Condé Nast Has a Rat Problem

For Condé Nast, moving into their new home at One World Trade Center was supposed to be a time for celebration. Instead, it has been a time of extermination. The New York Daily News reports that the Condé offices have been overrun with rats, to the point where Anna Wintour refuses to go inside.

Initially, the furry guys were confined to the Vogue offices. Now they’ve spread. That’s what rats do — whatever the hell they want.

“A bunch ate through the ceiling of a sports editor’s office and crawled all over his desk and left poops on his keyboard,” one source told the Daily News. “They ate through his rug to fit under his door.” That’s another thing rats do — eat every goddamn thing in sight. It doesn’t have to be food. If it’s there, a rat will give it a shot as his lunch.

At least one Condé big shot isn’t too fazed by the rodents. The Daily News asked Graydon Carter — editor of Vanity Fair — if the rats were disgusting. Carter laughed and replied, “They’re rats! What do you think?”

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