ContraVille? Konami Signs Up to Make Games for

There are no allegiances in gaming anymore.  There was a time when developing games for the Nintendo Entertainment System meant that you were strongly pressured not to make games for other consoles.  For me, I was on the Nintendo ship until they lost Square and Final Fantasy VII was produced for the Sony Playstation.  Well, these days platform creators like Nintendo and Sony have new competition in the form of Zynga and OnLive, and Zynga just recently announced that Konami, one of the largest console game makers in the world, will be producing games for their new platform.

The news was reported by Rob Dyer, the head of publishing at Zynga who’s heading up the platform, at GDC in San Francisco on Thursday.  In addition to Konami, Zynga has recruited Playdemic and Rebellion as well, and explained a few details of the payment process.  When using Facebook credits as most of the games use right now, these publishers will be getting 70% of the 70% of revenue that Zynga gets, putting publishers at receiving 49% of revenue from a sale on

That said, games that appear on will take advantage of massive cross-advertising opportunities and will join one the fastest growing social gaming company on the web.  It may be a great long term strategy to join the network and make your games known to gamers as continues to expand and provide new offerings.  Inside Social Games points out that “Konami and Rebellion also make for strange bedfellows as both developers have little to no experience in social games.”  This is true of Zynga’s strategy at this point, and speaks to the fact that Zynga must be aggressively courting small game publishers right now to get them to join the network — it would be quite difficult to persuade even mid-size game publishers to join and give 30% of their revenue to Zynga.

We’ll see how things progress for, and whether they begin to mould themselves into their own social network in the future.  Are they attempting to go the route of something like OMGPOP?

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