Cooliris Adds Facebook Support for Cooler Photo Viewing

Cooliris is a browser extension that lets you browse photos, videos games and news stories from various websites. A new Facebook application for Cooliris is taking the browser extension to the next level with Facebook-specific media enhancing features, including an interactive 3D wall for speedy browsing.
The Cooliris Facebook app allows you to scan all of your friends’ photos at once, in this 3D wall. The interactive portion comes into play when you note you’re able to skip to more photos of a friend based on their tags. These photos will also be seen in an interactive 3D wall.

If you’ve ever used Cooliris before, you’ll know that this service is known for its Flash-based version of media viewing. As a media sharing tool, the very aesthetics of Cooliris are impressive, so applying this to Facebook as an application is a good move for the company.
What’s most interesting to me about the new Cooliris Facebook application is its directive to make it even easier to view photos shared on Facebook. It’s my personal opinion that Facebook has one of the most simplified album viewing processes of the major social network and photo-sharing sites on the web. But if clicking through an album photo-by-photo isn’t your cup of tea, an add-on such as Cooliris might make your Facebook experience more enjoyable.
As a Facebook appliation, Cooliris is still rather limited in its ability to interact deeply with Facebook-related media. Such limitations are more a result of Facebook’s platform, but for an improved photo-viewing experience Cooliris’ application is still rather enjoyable and more feature-infused than other apps such as Boost.
Beyond the new Facebook support, Cooliris has also added the option to view and display photos from your computer hard drive on your Wall. Click here to download the Cooliris browser extension, and see below for a video of the new Facebook application.