Copia Expands Into Australia

Amazon and Barnes & Noble are getting most of the press, but several smaller competitors are quietly catching up. Copia announced today that they’ve formed a new partnership with the Australian Publishers Association (APA).

Australia’s booksellers will soon be able to offer their customers a comprehensive suite of eBook and eReader services under the APA’s “TitlePage” brand, all based on Copia’s successful social reading platform. “Our market is in the unique position where our bookstores comprise a large portion of the marketplace. We are glad to partner with Copia as our official eBook partner to bring such a powerful platform to our booksellers,” said Maree McCaskill, CEO of Australian Publishers Association Ltd.

The APA plans to offer customized white label solutions to independent booksellers which will provide each store or chain of stores the chance to create a unique experience based on localized content, commerce and the bookseller’s local community. “We are excited to partner with the APA and Bowker to bring Copia’s capabilities to this exciting and vibrant market,” said Andrew Lowinger, CEO of Copia Interactive, LLC.