Warm-Hearted Radio Vet Cory Baker Retraces His Itinerant Career

Toronto-born, LA-raised broadcaster Cory Baker has spoken to the Desert Dispatch about his long career.

He got the bug as a teenager at Birmingham High School in Van Nuys. It continued on to KGBS 1020 AM and various points beyond including Bakersfield, Las Vegas, Ventura and Barstow, where Baker did a morning show for 12 years. Along the way, he explains he didn’t always have the luxury of just working in radio:

“I always seemed to work two and sometimes three jobs at a time even when I was in radio,” Baker said. “So I did retail stints at the old Black and Decker Factory Store and Music For A Song, and also worked for the Tanger Outlet Center as the coordinator for the California Welcome Center. After that, I was the publicity guy at the Barstow Chamber of Commerce and am currently a front desk clerk and the Community Relations person at the Ramada Inn in Barstow.”

The reader comments speak to the character of this gentle giant, starting with one from Bob Morgan, who worked with him at KGBS:

I am so proud of Cory Sabblut-Baker, there are just not words enough to describe how flattered (cliche) I am to be mentioned here. Cory was so young when he came to KGBS. Out of all the kids that came to that station as interns, he was without question the most enthusiastic. The most eager to learn. And in my view, the most talented. I knew when I needed someone at the old KAVR/KAPV in Apple Valley, he was the one! I’ve fallen on hard times lately, but with a true friend like Cory I’ll always hold the gold. Thanks Cory.

Read the Q&A here.

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