Cost Per App Install Is 30 Percent Less Than Expected On Twitter, Lyft Says

New ad program now open to all

Twitter is starting to sell app install ads to all, and the car service Lyft said that these campaigns cost 30 percent less to acquire a new customer than the company planned. The social messaging company said today that app makers globally would be able to build mobile app campaigns like the ones already tested by Electronic Arts, Lyft and TwoDots.

Twitter has been experimenting with app-install buttons in Promoted Tweets for months, and such direct response marketing is becoming ever more important to its ad business. App promotions are helping drive the mobile industry in general, and Twitter’s top rivals like Facebook and Google are all competing for developer attention.

Kelton Lynn, revenue product manager at Twitter, described how marketers are using Twitter to target based on TV viewing habits, interests, gender, device and other areas. Twitter is charging developers only when a user clicks install and goes to the app store.

“People turn to Twitter to connect with their interests, and discover new ones,” Lynn said in a blog post today. “During the mobile app promotion beta, our clients have been able to reach Twitter’s highly engaged audience to drive a large volume of cost-effective downloads.”

Developers sometimes face significant costs for download campaigns, and many have found marketing efforts hard to justify given the eventual lifetime value of customers.

However, advertising advancements such as retargeting on Twitter and Facebook allow brands and developers to reach more likely customers, ones that visited your website, for instance.

“We were able to quickly and effectively reach our growth goals via Twitter for 30 percent below the originally targeted cost," said Daniel Riaz, mobile acquisition head at the car service Lyft.

EA said that cost per app install on four of its top games was "at or below single digits," but it would not be more specific than the less than $10 range. A report today from app tracker Fiksu found that typical costs per install were around $1.30, in the industry in general.

Twitter also sells Promoted Tweets that link to already downloaded apps, yet another area that attempts to boost the value of a user. Twitter charges per click.

Twitter also made notifications that pop up after a download completes to encourage users to dive in.

“The notification is designed to drive activation of your app when user intent is highest,” Lynn said.

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