Could You Imagine Zip Lining to Work? Meet One Village in China

no carsThe next time you’re frustrated by the daily grind of your commute whether it’s being stuck in traffic or stuck on a train incredibly close to your neighbors (and by that, we mean total strangers sporting pickle breath), think about a less than stellar alternative.

That is, residents of the Yushan village in China live remotely. So remotely, in fact, they need to be transported via a tiny cable car. Essentially, the zip line is suspended over 1,500-feet and acts as the ultimate way to literally access the outside world!

According to The Daily Mail, the town’s zip line acts as a tram, if you will. Essentially a pair of cables are attached to two high cliff faces. Then, a steel cage is suspended below to transport people and goods. The so-called tram only fits a few people and although it sounds like plans are in the works to build roads leading to Yushan, it may be a while.

Per the piece, for the past 15 years Zhang Xinjan has been operating the ropeway. He told the site, “I started to work at this spot since the rope was set up. No one would take the job.”

In the beginning, it was a three-man team. Xinjan’s father and brother took turns of taking care of the cables but his brother eventually quit and his father’s health went downhill so now he’s the only person operating it.

And that’s a really good thing. Before the zip line, villagers walked for several days just to get to the closest town. We’re still in awe.