‘Cousin’ Brucie Gets Birthday Present from WCBS-FM

Listeners to “Broadway” Bill Lee‘s Saturday morning show got a nice treat. Lee surprised his WCBS-FM audience by calling one of the greats, “Cousin Brucie” Morrow, for birthday wishes.

Lee got Morrow’s actual answering machine, playing it on the air. The weekday afternoon air-personality promptly left Brucie a message for all of his former CBS-FM followers to hear.

It was such a classy move by Lee, bridging the generations with the brief call to the New York radio icon.

Although it’s not certain if Lee planned it purposely, but the next song was Irene Cara‘s Fame, which features the line:

“I’m gonna live forever. Baby remember my name.”

Morrow, who hosts a Saturday night Oldies show on SiriusXM, remains a constant memory for legions from the tri-state area who tuned their transistors to him decades ago.

Coming later this month, FishbowlNY is pleased to have a rare interview with New York’s favorite cousin.