Coyne PR Curses for Charity

What, you thought PRs were all polite? You thought that ad agency folks were the only ones willing to share their bitter, anonymous, NSFW curses on public forums?

Our friends at New York’s Coyne PR disproved that cliche this week with the “Big A$$ Swear Jar” video below:

For the record, we don’t really believe that these f*ckers actually curse so f*cking often, and we wonder whether all of those coins were really quarters. But we do love a video that wasn’t created to directly promote an agency or its clients!

So, Merry F*cking Christmas, a**holes. Here’s our contribution.

While we’re at it, who has the best godd***ed happy hour in Midtown?

@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.