Daily Caller Scribe Gets Gawker Treatment

The Daily Caller‘s very own Matt Boyle made his debut on Gawker yesterday.

After an email exchange between him and a DNC spokesman was leaked to HuffPost and Ben Smith at BuzzFeed, Gawker picked up one of the emails Boyle wrote to DNC Spokesman Brad Woodhouse and called it “The Most Pathetic Email Ever Sent by a Journalist.” The email in question read:

“And, btw, [Slate‘s] Dave Weigel and tons and tons of other reporters (including many who work for Buzzfeed) say my style of reporting is brilliant. ‘Genius’ says one of Smith’s reporters to me. So cut the crap, grow up and answer the questions—if you’re capable of doing so.”

The drama was also picked by up Weigel here and WaPo‘s Erik Wemple here.

In addition to calling Boyle’s email “pathetic,” Gawker called it “pissy.” The comments on the post weren’t much better. “That’s funny he doesn’t look like a genius,” one commenter wrote. Another made an odd comparison to Marilyn Hagerty, the journalist who wrote the infamous Olive Garden review. Someone else said he looks like Cher’s transgender son Chaz Bono. And still, another commenter said he looks like “an overfed chipmunk who learned to shave.”

Boyle retweeted positive response he received on the matter. He retweeted Politico‘s Ken Vogel who said it was “Disturbing to see flacks leak journo emails-no matter what they say.” Boyle also retweeted this from Alex Schriver, who identifies himself as the Chairman of the College Republican National Committee: “So [Boyle] asked the DNC’s Communications Director to directly communicate [DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz‘s] position on an issue? The audacity!”

We emailed Daily Caller spokeswoman Nicole Roeberg to see if Boyle had anything to say about getting the Gawker treatment. “We’re not worried about it,” she said. “We’re proud of the work Matthew is doing, and we look forward to his next pieces on Operation Fast and Furious.”