Daryl Hall Internet Series Expands to TV

Four years into his monthly Internet broadcast experiment, musician Daryl Hall has hit the trifecta. Or more precisely, LA’s Trifeca Entertainment and Media.

Per an exclusive report in Billboard by Gary Graff, the firm, which also has offices in New York, is syndicating Live from Daryl’s House beginning this weekend in 95 U.S. markets. In LA, the half-hour program will be available on KTLA.

Filmed out of the musician’s home in Millerton, New York, the music-talk combo has been seen only once before on the TV airwaves as part of a 2010 New Year’s Eve broadcast on Chicago’s WGN. It’s a remarkable bit of left-turn success for the taller remnant of Hall & Oates:

Hall promises that he’s “not changing anything; it’s an Internet show that is being shown on television, so I’m not adapting the show at all in any way to be a ‘TV’ show. In my first couple of shows it was real homemade, but after that I went, ‘No, eventually I would like to show this and sell DVDs’ and I had that future in my head, so we improved the production values as we went along.”

Also involved in the syndication deal with Hall’s company (Good Cop Bad Cop) is Melrose Ave. located Scott Sternberg Productions.

@hollywoodspin rhorgan@gmail.com Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.
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