Data Points: Rich Media

The affluent still love print, but they spend more time online, with apps, games and social networks

The rich are just like the rest of us—they're spending more and more time glued to their screens, according to Ipsos Media CT's 2012 Mendelsohn Affluent Survey. Affluents' time online rose 14 percent in 2012 from 2011, as people spent more time doing things like social networking, shopping, using apps and playing games. The rich still do most of their communicating in person—averaging 13.6 hours per week—but that's declining as their use of electronic platforms becomes more widespread and time-consuming. Sixty-three percent of affluents connect on Facebook in a typical week, averaging 4.7 hours for the period. Twelve percent are on Twitter, averaging 6.8 hours, and 18 percent use LinkedIn, averaging 1.4 hours.

2012  Mendelsohn Affluent Survey, Ipsos MediaCT

Infographic: Carlos Monteiro

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