Date Selected for Rescheduled Dedication of Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial…Maybe

Late last week, we reported that one of the ongoing issues concerning the seemingly forever controversial and recently made public Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington DC, was that its dedication had been postponed when Hurricane Irene had rolled over the East Coast last month. However, now it looks like that might all be sorted out, with plans for a rescheduled, star-studded event happening on October 16th. Unless that isn’t the right date. The Washington Post reports that although the memorial’s executive architect, Ed Jackson Jr. (the man who has no plans to remove the inscription on the base of the memorial, its most recent controversy), has said that it will “absolutely…definitely” happen on the 16th, no one from the National Park Service or the memorial foundation has confirmed the date, nor has the project’s site been updated reflecting the new date. So will something happen on the 16th, or are we just at the start of another fight surrounding a memorial that has seen more than its fare share of them?