David Cronenberg Brings His Debut Novel to Brooklyn


The advance reviews for David Cronenberg‘s debut novel Consumed are impressive. And befitting the pedigree of the author, they come from such folks as Stephen King, J.J. Abrams and Viggo Mortensen.

Cronenberg will be in town tomorrow night for a free book signing and reading at St. Francis College in Brooklyn. The event, which is being co-presented by Book Court, starts at 7 p.m at Founders Hall. The filmmaker’s latest protagonists are, per usual, of the moment:

The story of two journalists whose entanglement in a French philosopher’s death becomes a surreal journey into global conspiracy.

Stylish and camera-obsessed, Naomi and Nathan thrive on the yellow journalism of the social-media age. They are lovers and competitors — nomadic freelancers in pursuit of sensation and depravity, encountering each other only in airport hotels and browser windows…

In addition to a Paris double murder, the pair become entangled with a rare STD and a black market surgeon. Cronenberg also finds incidental room in his narrative for everything from 3-D printing to the Cannes Film Festival.

[Jacket cover courtesy: Scribner]

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