When Tweeting From Multiple Accounts, Remember Dead Nana Jokes Aren’t Always Funny

You’ve heard about KitchenAid’s tweet by now, right? Where someone from the appliance giant’s Twitter team sent out a tweet criticizing President Obama by way of his dead Grandma?

Well, they did – and it wasn’t as hilarious as you’d expect.

Lessons you can learn from this blunder follow.

So, here’s the tweet (in case you haven’t seen it), from Mashable’s screen grab as it has since been deleted:



And if it does happen though, KitchenAid’s Cynthia Soledad demonstrates what to do – immediately:

You’ll see lots of posts talking about damage control, but what can you to prevent something like this from happening on YOUR company’s Twitter feed? Here are some tips:

  • Do not allow employees to use the native Twitter app to send work tweets. It’s just too easy to tweet from the wrong account using it because it doesn’t show the Twitter account it’s tweeting from up top immediately. Log on and see.
  • Require employees to use one specific Twitter app for work – and work ONLY – and to download and use something else for their personal accounts. There are many options. Hootsuite is great for your enterprise accounts and they could use Tweetbot for personal accounts (or the free native Twitter app).
  • Tell them during training that if they plan to tweet dead Nana jokes to the leader of free world, they better make triple super sure they’re not associating themselves in any way with your Twitter feed – and if they are, they’re fired. It’s not the kind of PR any company needs.

How do you ensure that your Twitter team keeps personal and professional separate? If you don’t have a procedure in place, you should really start planning!

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