Dean Cain Responds to Brooke Shields’ Account of Being Deflowered by Him

brooke-shields and dean-cainIn her recently released memoir, There Was a Little Girl: The Real Story of My Mother and Me, Brooke Shields detailed some very intimate details of her life — including losing her virginity to then-boyfriend Dean Cain aka Lois & Clark‘s Superman. Of that experience, Shields described streaking down a hallway buck-naked as if she had just stolen someone’s wallet, while Cain ran after her with a comforter to cover her up. Sounds, er, memorable.

People Now’s Jeremy Parsons interviewed Cain today to get his take on the night. Although the actor admitted he hadn’t read that portion of the Shields’ memoir (after all, “I know what happens”), he admitted he wasn’t embarrassed and actually got the head’s up on the reveal from his ex-girlfriend:

Brooke and I discussed it beforehand. She called me and she said she was writing this book and she would cover that part of her life, and did that bother me. Honest to goodness truth, it doesn’t bother me at all. And I said be as candid as you want to. I trust you implicitly.

When asked if he recalled having jitters that night, as did Shields, Cain said, “Nervous isn’t the word I would choose.”

Watch the rest of the dishy interview after the jump.

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