Deborah Needleman Sparks Twitter Rage

Newly appointed T: The New York Times Style Magazine editor Deborah Needleman just learned the hard way to think before you tweet. Needleman, who left the WSJ for the NYT last month, was plugging an appearance by Katie Roiphe, when things went horribly wrong:

Naturally women — and some men — didn’t appreciate Needleman seemingly perpetuating a stereotype about feminists, so they jumped on her; none faster than Emily Nussbaum, of The New Yorker:

A typo sort of takes the sting out of any online attack, but you get the picture. From there, the #SorryFeminists hashtag took off. People tweeted things like “I’m an excellent cook #sorryfeminists,” and “Just got back from pilates class #sorryfeminists.”

Needleman must have noticed the Twitter outrage, so she tweeted, “Hello Twitterers in knicker twist: JOKE!!” But that didn’t satisfy the masses:

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