Dell Mini 11 Netbook on Their Way Soon?

Engadget got their hands on an interesting Dell roadmap document…
Dell netbook roadmap leaks out, get ready for the Mini 11
The purported Dell Mini futures information talks about a three-tiered 10-inch and 11-inch LCD display netbook line. The low-end ($299) line uses the older Atom N270 processor with either 512MB or 1GB RAM. The mid-range model uses one of several more capable Atom Z series processors with either 1 or 2GB RAM. This mid-range device has a 10.1-inch LCD display. However, an option for it is a 720p High Definition display instead of the usual 600 or sub-600 pixel displays we now usually see in netbooks. It starts at $349. The high-end Dell Mini netbook has a 11.6-inch LCD display (almost too big to call a netbook IMHO) with 2GB RAM and starts at $499 (no processor information provided).
Linux, Windows XP, and Windows Vista (no sign of Windows 7 by the end of the third quarter of 2009 apparently) are the operating system options available for these devices.