Demand for the iPad Mini Might Not Live Up to the Hype

Apple is expected to send out invites today for an iPad Mini launch event next week, and while that gadget is certainly the center of attention for the blogosphere, I am not sure that consumers are all that interested in buying one. has released the results of a market survey.  Their polling data shows that only 18 percent of consumers are interested in buying the new tablet, a figure which is markedly lower than the interest expressed for other Apple products right before launch.

The data is drawn from a survey conducted in August which showed that half of respondents were not interested in buying the iPad Mini. Another 32% are undecided, and only 18% of the surveyed consumers plan to purchase Apple’s new tablet. Considering that the same survey showed that 45% of respondents planned to purchase the new iPhone and that an older survey from February showed that 48% of respondents planned to buy the then new iPad 3, the demand for the iPad Mini is surprisingly low.

But even if they don’t plan to buy it, it does look like everyone is following the rumors about the iPad Mini. About a quarter of respondents believe it will be priced at $300, with another 20% betting on a $400 price tag. Over 2/3rds of those polled believe it will be called the iPad Mini, and 55% think it will have a 7″ screen.

The survey also revealed that consumers are hoping for a number of features – including some which Apple is unlikely to add to the iPad Mini. The most desirable features for the new iPad Mini include a USB Port (78%), Retina Screen(77%), memory card slot(75%) and better speakers than the current iPad (74%).

This survey was conducted in August and is based on responses from 1,332 consumers.  The data is well over a month old, so some might think it isn’t accurate. The Kindle Fire HD launched in the mean time, and that might be enough to increase interest in the iPad Mini as some consumers decide against getting Amazon’s tablet.

I tend to disagree. We don’t know much more about the iPad Mini than we did in August, so there’s nothing new which could have increased the anticipation felt by consumers. I think this data is accurate and will stay that way right up until the next major leak – or until the iPad Mini is launched.

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