DeNA, Eden Industries Launch Wavefront on iOS

WavefrontDeNA and Eden Industries have launched Wavefront on iOS devices. Based on the popular PC / Steam title Waveform, Wavefront challenges players to travel through space, controlling the size and shape of a wavelength to earn points. The game is the first of several PC-based Steam games DeNA will be bringing to mobile devices.

In each level of Wavefront, a key dot is present on the left side of the screen, which follows the movement of a wavelength, as the screen scrolls automatically. Players tap and slide their finger on the screen to change the size and shape of the wavelength, in order to lead the dot around obstacles (like dark matter), and collect special points orbs. Swiping up and down changes the line in one fashion, while swiping left and right changes it in another way. Users must combine these two movements to create the proper line for each scenario.

The game offers more than 60 levels, as players travel from Pluto to Neptune, and so on. These become more complicated as players progress. In early stages, for instance, the shape and size of the wavelength isn’t as greatly emphasized. However, once trace lines appear, these challenge players to create a wavelength in an exact shape and size in order to match a line on the screen to earn extra points, as one example.WavefrontObstacles like dark matter also pose a threat. When users have a points multiplier in place, hitting one of these obstacles simply lowers the multiplier, but players can continue on. If there is no multiplier in place, the level is failed and players must try again.

“We’re proud of the success that Wavefront (Waveform) achieved on PC and are excited to finally release the game for mobile devices,” said Ryan Vandendyck, founder of Eden Industries, in a release. “Partnering with DeNA helps give gamers across their expansive network the opportunity to jump right into Wavefront and play at their own pace while on-the-go.”

Each level has a set length and an overall points goal. The more points players earn, the more stars they collect, and the higher letter grade they’re awarded for the stage. Even if users fail to hit the points goal, they can still move on to the next level, or try the original stage again to earn more points. GameCenter support sees users earning achievements, while also being able to compare their high scores with others on leaderboards.

“Eden Industries has transformed their highly rated Steam title, delivering a unique and extremely rewarding mobile gameplay experience with Wavefront,” added Barry Dorf, vice president of partnerships and alliances at DeNA.

Wavefront is available to download for $2.99 on the iTunes App Store. The game is coming soon to Google Play.

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