DeNA Fires King of Castles: Throne Battle onto iOS, Android

King of CastlesDeNA has announced the launch of King of Castles: Throne Battle on iOS and Android devices. The game is described as an “artillery strategy” title, which sees players building a castle, equipping it with defenses, and then blasting their opponents into oblivion before their own castle can be destroyed.

The main gameplay of King of Castles: Throne Battle sees players completing level-based campaign missions against progressively stronger enemies. In each battle, players drag and swipe their finger on the screen to fire weapons at enemy fortifications in an “Angry Birds” slingshot style. The faster players can annihilate the enemy team, the more stars they’ll earn for the stage (up to three). To be clear, the enemy can and will return fire on the player’s castle, so speed is important for more than just stars.King of CastlesPlayers receive coins for completing levels, which can then be put back into the castle via upgrades to existing fortifications or new weapons and defenses. Players may also need to pay coins to repair any defenses that were damaged during battle. As the player’s firepower grows, they may have multiple weapons available in a single level. In this case, players can fire a shot with one weapon, and then fire another shot with a secondary weapon while the first is reloading.

In addition to single-player levels, gamers can take to battle against their friends in a player-vs-player multiplayer mode.

King of Castles: Throne Battle is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. The game is supported via in-app purchases, as users can purchase premium weapons and items for their castle, as one example.