DeNA’s 3D Puzzle Game Polyform Comes to iOS

PolyformDeNA has announced the launch of Polyform, a 3D action puzzle game, on iOS devices. Based on the PC / Steam puzzle game Critical Mass (from Manic Game Studios), Polyform asks players to complete 3D puzzles by adding colored cubes to a formation floating in space, creating groups of four or more touching cubes to remove them from the formation.

Players can access the game through three difficulty settings. In each level, players are shown their current active cube in the corner of the screen, and can rotate the formation in real time to identify the best place to add it. If the addition is the fourth cube in a group, the group is destroyed and the formation becomes smaller, until it’s eliminated entirely.PolyformThe challenge comes with completing levels quickly. At the end of each level, players earn up to three stars, determined by their completion speed. If players fail to remove the entire formation within at least the 1-star time limit, they lose and must try again. In addition, as time ticks down, the formation may start to shake and rattle as it reaches “critical mass.”

Over time, players are introduced to special cubes, like an armored cube that can only be cleared once a match is made surrounding it, as one example.

Gamers can replay stages to earn missed stars, and can share video replays of each run via Kamcord integration. In addition, players can change their difficulty setting at will between levels. At launch, the game offers 30 levels, for 90 separate challenges across all three difficulties.

Polyform is available to download for $2.99 on the iTunes App Store.

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