Denver Airport Releases First Renders of Santiago Calatrava-Designed Additions

Just over a year ago, we told you that the Parsons Transportation Group, the organization responsible for updating the Denver International Airport, had hired Santiago Calatrava to handle the redesign. Now the first series of images of the South Terminal Redevelopment Program have been released. Playing off the airport’s iconic tent-like exterior, Calatrava has designed what resembles an all-white hour glass tipped on its side. According to the Denver Post, the projected budget for the expansion is $650 million and will include “a commuter-rail station, a public plaza that links with the existing terminal, and a 500-room Westin hotel” (Gensler has been hired for the hotel design). Assuming all the financial ducks can be put in line and construction begins, the project is scheduled to be completed by 2016. Here’s an animation of the project: