Denver Post Claims 95% Rocky Subscriber Retention

The Denver Post claims that 95% of the Rocky Mountain News subscribers who were given Post subscriptions after the Rocky folded have kept their new subscriptions.
“We are very encouraged that we have been able to retain so many of the former Rocky-only readers,” said Jim Nolan, spokesman for The Post.
This is a huge victory for the Post; the Rocky about six months ago had a total paid circulation of 210,281; even if a quarter of that number comes from single-copy sales, that’s still a nice boost to the Post’s circulation.
Or—and this is our theory—is it just that the two Denver papers are indistinguishable to most people? Yes, you’ll get the political wonks who think that one paper is more biased than the other, but our guess is that most people are happy to pick up whichever paper they see first as long as the crossword and coupons are in there.

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