DePaul University’s Anti-Assault Campaign ‘Consent the D’ Scores a #PRFail


And no, NCAA homers, that’s NOT for DePaul.

If you dig the DePaul University Blue Demons, then prepare to argue about this haute couture (which is not a Halloween costume). If you don’t understand the reference to DIBS (said university’s mascot’s name) or the Chicago-based institution of higher learning, then you will probably bemoan this hellacious campaign.

According to CBS Radio’s WBBM-FM 105.9 in the Windy City, “a group of DePaul students have been selling T-shirts to raise awareness of sexual assault, but the message on those shirts isn’t sitting well with some women.”

Consent the D,” double-entendre fans.

Now before you plan on writing the university president to voice your displeasure, please note: this is not the first time DePaul has pulled such a stunt. 

Last February, the school caused quite a stir when it asked fans of its basketball team to “Fear the D.” They could have filled in the blank with Demons or DePaul or Doltish Idiots Who Came Up With This Cockamamie Slogan.

But they didn’t, so we’re stuck with this — a campaign so nice, they did it twice.

Consent D Guys

Consent the D’s founder, senior Randy Vollrath, described the movement as an “empowering alternative to a culture of lack of consent” and said the goal is “to create a culture of consent where consent is put as an absolute requirement for all interactions.”

“This is a student-led initiative. We’re doing something about it, and this is a way that empowers everybody at the university, everybody in the city who believes in the cause, to participate.”

The primary sometthing they’re doing is pissing off the entire female student body:

“I am appalled that these men are profiting from the activist work women have been doing around sexual assault on campus for years,” one woman posted to Consent the D’s Facebook page.

Another wrote, “There’s a difference between telling women to consent and asking them to. ‘Consent the D’ is not asking men to ask for sex and respect the women’s choice, it sounds like you’re just telling women to consent in a pretty aggressive way…Also not a very tasteful way to bring awareness to an issue that has traumatized so many women.”

No word yet on if someone on campus is creating the anti-anti-consent campaign “Meet the Ds,” which will be targeted to the Douchenozzles on campus that printed these shirts.