Despite Domestic Abuse Scandal, The Baltimore Ravens Were a Hot Ticket for Women in ’14

NFL club was No. 2 in sports on StubHub

Men and women truly have different tastes even when it comes to sports teams. According to data from ticket resale service from StubHub, the top purchased team tickets by women were for the Boston Bruins, Baltimore Ravens, Oklahoma City Thunder, Florida State Seminoles and the San Francisco Giants.

The Ravens appearing so highly on the women's list was interesting, considering that the team has been plagued by domestic violence issues surrounding its former star running back Ray Rice. "Despite the fact that Baltimore had a lot of controversy around it, there were still a lot of women supporting the team," commented StubHub lead rep Glenn Lehrman.

The top StubHub sports ticket sales for men were completely different. They bought Miami Marlins, Toronto Blue Jays, boxing tickets, New York Red Bulls and New York Islanders tickets most often.

The ticket resale service pulled 2014 sports ticket sales data to unearth trends. While the most popular home teams were the usual suspects—San Francisco Giants, New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox and Dallas Cowboys, in that order—the New York Knicks managed to squeeze into fifth place, surprising considering the horrible season they are having so far. The most-sold sporting events this year were fairly predictable as well: the Super Bowl (which was the highest selling Super Bowl in the service's history); the World Series; the Stanley Cup; the Belmont Stakes; and, Derek Jeter's last game at Yankee stadium, which became the highest selling regular season MLB ever for the company. 

It was also discovered that favorite entertainment activities may be a generational thing. While millennials bought more tickets for NBA games compared to other events, Gen X headed to concerts while Baby Boomers opted for Major League Baseball outings.

In addition, StubHub conducted a separate contest and survey asking users what their most wished for tickets were during this holiday season using the hashtag #tixwish. The most-desired tickets were for the L.A. Lakers, Boston Celtics, Washington Wizards, Los Angeles Clippers, Texas Rangers, Dallas Mavericks and Detroit Red Wings.

Lehrman had a few bold predictions for 2015. He believes the first college football playoff in history, which takes place in early January, could unseat StubHub's current record holder for most tickets sold for a single event, regardless of type—especially if Alabama and Oregon make it to the finals, he said. (The four-team playoff also involves Florida State and Ohio State.)

In addition, he thinks Cleveland Cavaliers tickets will sell at high prices next year. Since LeBron James rejoined the team, ticket sales have gone up 1000 percent year-over-year.

"What you saw in Miami is that (overall) it tends to be an apathetic market no matter how good the team is. Fans just don't attend the games," he said. "They'd rather go to the beach. Now that LeBron is in back, I think Cleveland will be in the top two or three in sales in 2015."

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