Detroit News Photo Editor Compiles Final Album

A fantastic comb through the archives by Charlotte Massey.

It’s been extremely bittersweet to read the farewells posted by various longtime members of the Detroit Free Press and Detroit News, where separate rounds of year-end buyouts have continued this year’s industry-wide trend. Still, it’s a way for readers to recognize and honor the work, and so, we wanted to share one more.

Retiring Detroit News photo editor Charlotte Massey chose 50 photos from her venerable paper’s library. The narrative for her slide show includes a colorful analogy:

Detroit is a tough town. If Detroit were a person, I like to imagine it as an old boxer. It may be on the ropes, but it always manages to come back swinging.

I formed this view of the city in the fourth floor library at the old Detroit News building on Lafayette and Third. Under the care of head librarian Pat Zacharias and her colleagues, the history of the city was lovingly preserved there in grey steel cabinets containing clip files, index cards and photographic.

We’ve got our personal favorites here, but we’re not going to burden you with those thoughts. Just click, savor, celebrate and enjoy.

H/T: Susan Whitall

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