Twitter’s Revamped Developer Site Is Now a ‘Complete Reference Center’

What do you get when you combine and

The homepage for Twitter's new developer site Twitter

What do you get when you combine and

Twitter staff developer advocate Andy Piper announced in a blog post that the social network launched its new Twitter developer site as “a complete reference center” for its platform and a “hub for all developer resources.”

Piper added that in addition to relocating the content from and in one place—including the social network’s publisher platform, Twitter Kit tools, ads APIs (application-programming interfaces), Gnip APIs and standard Rest and streaming APIs—Twitter added pages to help developers with using its platform in their applications and examples of products they can use to help choose the appropriate endpoints for their apps.

He provided more details on the revamped developer site: “The documentation and API reference materials have been reorganized to make it easier to find the endpoints and guidance needed to build on Twitter. Navigate to an endpoint based on object and function (e.g. Tweets > Search Tweets) and find the relevant overview, API reference, tutorials, and more.”

Piper continued, “As part of the rebuild, we’re saying goodbye to the old API console. The console was a simple but basic way to test queries and did not keep pace with new endpoints. It also did not apply to all of our APIs, such as those for advertising and data. We recommend our command-line tool twurl as a good way to test simple Twitter API queries (and also to validate your keys and tokens), and in the coming months we will add tutorials that cover and explain the use of other common API testing tools such as Postman.”

Next up for Twitter’s developer platform, according to Piper: guides, more tutorials, a new API status page and more sample code. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.
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