DeviantArt Launches Its First App

DeviantArt is the largest community of artists on the Internet. This week, they'll launch a mobile app, or "the largest art gallery" in your hand.


On Wednesday, DeviantArt will launch its first mobile app in the Apple and Google Play store. The social network has long been a place for artists of all sorts to connect, show off and share their work. The app translates most of the functions of the website into mobile. There’s a “Today Page,” where DA’s editorial team will feature news, trending conversations and pieces. The “Watch Feed” gives access to the journal and collection feeds, as well as a newsfeed of status updates from users. Artists can submit work via the app and update their status using an in-app camera.

DeviantArt is a huge network and the app only complements the community. In a statement they said:

More people visit DeviantArt in ten days (2.5 billion monthly page views and over 65 million unique monthly visitors) than visit all of the world’s top museum exhibits in a year. DeviantArt is where people see art first, it is where art starts, where boundaries are pushed and new genres of art originate and flourish. Simply put, the DeviantArt mobile app is the world’s largest art gallery in your hand.

Not only does the DeviantArt community promote new artwork, but they have a really nice Journals section, a forum basically, where members can blow off steam or lend some backstory to their art. The mobile app includes access to post to the Journal feeds; it’s more than just updating a status and probably a main factor in driving all of that returning traffic. They’ve been overhauling their site and their manifesto, so the app is a part of that evolution. If you need something beautiful and authentic to look at besides your Instagram feed, DeviantArt’s app might be a good holiday gift for yourself.

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