Diamond Dash reaches 30 million downloads, 68 percent of users connect the app to Facebook

Social and mobile game developer Wooga today announced that its puzzler Diamond Dash on iOS has reached 30 million downloads and a constant growth rate of about 100,000 new users per day. The Berlin-based company also says 68 percent of active users log in to the game via Facebook Connect.

Wooga founder and CEO Jens Begemann said in the blog post that “mobile is the gaming industry’s biggest driver at the moment.” He adds that over the past year, Wooga has invested half of its game designers, engineers and artists to work on new mobile titles. The game studio has also trained eight of its Flash developers in iOS development, with five more studios receiving training by year’s end. All employees will be provided with either an iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S III in hopes to get the entire company to focus more on mobile.

Wooga also revealed a new logo that will go into affect on Nov. 1 in an effort to improve legibility and recognition of Wooga’s games in the app stores.

The half of Wooga’s work force that’s focusing on mobile games is working on upcoming titles like Diamond Dash on Android, Monster World on iOS and another unannounced iOS title.

According to our traffic tracking service AppData, the free Diamond Dash app is ranked No. 48 in the top grossing apps category on iPhone.

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