Diane von Furstenberg Revisits Infamous New York Magazine Interview

In her new memoir The Woman I Wanted to Be, she writes about it. And in a piece in the current issue of Harper’s Bazaar to go along with a Fashion Icon of the Year award from the magazine presented in November, she talks about it.

Diane von Furstenberg’s 1973 New York magazine interview with then-husband Prince Eduard Egon von Furstenberg today would set off a thousand and one Twitter storms. Although Ms. von Furstenberg famously never has any regrets, she admits this one still belongs on the runway of youthful indiscretions:

The story [of Egon and Diane] was a media dream. But like all dreams, not everything was based in reality. In 1973, Diane and Egon gave an interview to New York magazine in which they tried to talk with sophistication about their ‘open’ marriage. Their words read ludicrously – even to her.

“I was acting tough. I was young,” she says. “Did I regret it? Egon was furious… but for me? Actually, I took advantage of it. That’s what I do, I just take advantage of anything. I didn’t regret it. The pictures were beautiful.” The marriage ended amicably within four years.

Von Furstenberg’s rapid professional ascent was unaffected, at at time when the covers of U.S. news magazines still meant something. The one above is from March 1976.

P.S. When the Harper’s interview was done in the West Village, von Furstenberg was tired from working on her audio book . To us, that version of the memoir seems like the ideal way to wander through this remarkable life.

@hollywoodspin rhorgan@gmail.com Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.