Did Amazon Copy the Kindle Fire Logo?

If you’re like the staff here at eBookNewser, you’re probably getting a little tired of the week of Amazon-Amazon-Amazon-Kindle-Kindle-Kindle in all the gadget blogs. But here is a story that was too interesting to pass up.

The indie app developer AppsFire is crying foul. Ouriel Ohayon, the company founder, recently posted on the similarities between AppsFire’s logo and the logo for the new KindleFire. Both logos are lower case, use a simialr font, and they both use the colors white and a shade of orange.

I’m going to call it a coincidence.

First and foremost, there are only so many ways that you can write a short product name and keep it both simply and pretty. Also, some of the formatting options are simply to obvious to be copied. I mean, is it really hard to come up with the idea of making the word “fire” orange?

BTW, the 2 logos don’t use the same shade of orange, In fact, I’m no color expert but I would bet that the orange used in the KindleFire logo is the same shade of orange used elsewhere by Amazon.  I strongly suspect that it is the same shade as in the Amazon logo. If I’m right then it’s clear where Amazon got the idea for making the word fire a shade of orange.

Yes, the 2 logos use the same font, so they do have that in common. But Amazon has been using that font for the Kindle logo since at least the K2, so it clearly didn’t get the idea from AppsFire. Also, if you look closely you’ll see that the AppsFire logo has an accent over the i in fire, and it is one of the few things that make the AppsFire logo unique. The Kindle Fire logo lacks that accent. I would say that the difference weakens AppsFire’s argument.

I invite you to enlarge the picture above, and have your say. What do you think?

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