DIDMO’s Magmito Opens Mobile App Development to All

Back in the days when the desktop computer reigned supreme, if you wanted to create an application to share with friends, the choice was to build it for the PC, the Mac or both. Nowadays, if you want to create a mobile app to share, you’re faced with multiple platforms and carriers, not to mention hundreds of handset options. It’s easier to give up and create a WAP site and hope that most of your contacts can access it without too many problems.
Mobile technology provider DIDMO is doing its part to help overcome the hurdles presented by the fragmented mobile universe.
And it’s doing it almost for free.
DIDMO’s solution is a user-generated mobile content service called Magmito. Targeting both consumers and businesses, Magmito enables registered users to create just about any type of mobile app, from wedding plans to local sports team rosters and schedules to store brochures.
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Would-be mobile developers sign up for free and can then customize the online templates to build their applications or wing it on their own. The apps can include text, photos, polls, quizzes and even feedback forms. Once the application is complete, users can import their contacts and send out a link back to the app via SMS.
According to DIDMO COO Ted Ianuzzi, the decision to offer Magmito for free was made in order to open up mobile app development to everyone. There are even video tutorials on the site to guide users through the app-building process, he said. Since the company does need to make some money, it charges the developers for SMS delivery.
Developers wanting to subsidize their fees can choose to wrap their apps with DIDMO’s mobile advertising technology. For advertisers, this provides a way to target a specific audience that they might not see with broader applications. The SMS delivery fees are determined based on the number of recipients and whether the app is ad-supported.
Although the goal is for Magmito applications to work on most handsets, the initial version is for J2ME devices. DIDMO is in the process of developing versions for the iPhone and Windows Mobile platforms, but Ianuzzi wasn’t able to disclose when those might hit the market. In the meantime, to make the apps open to as many users as possible, when Magmito builds an application, it also created a Web-based version. This allows smartphone users to bypass such pesky problems as a phone not supporting J2ME or a carrier not allowing third-party application downloads.
Green Wines and Spirits, a Swedish company that makes “ecological alcoholic beverages,” is using Magmito to promote its new Pure Green Vodka brand to potential distributors worldwide. The eco-friendly spirit purveyor’s Pure Green Vodka Drink Book mobile application includes product info and recipes for bartenders and other folks interested in learning about the benefits of the organic liquor.

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