Digital Marketers: It’s Time for Mobile-First Measurement (Report)

Mobile adoption is driving digital growth, and marketers who don't follow the consumer tech trends could end up missing lots of opportunities to engage with potential customers.

What you choose to measure in your digital activities can determine how you allocate your resources and provide important insights into consumer behavior. Yet with the increased adoption of mobile devices, user behavior changes rapidly. A report from Think With Google details why businesses need to shift toward mobile-first thinking.

The main problem with using legacy metrics such as web pages served to desktop users is that many consumers are now using mobile devices. Internet users may be using native or third-party applications to browse products, make purchases, read reviews and engage with a brand entirely outside of the channels being observed.

According to Think With Google, the way forward for businesses is to reach agreement between goals and methods:

Marketers who are winning the growth game today don’t base their analytics plans on the measuring tools they have. They start with the outcomes their business wants to achieve, then determine the best way to measure for those goals. If there’s a mismatch between your goals and your measurement KPIs (key performance indicators), it hinders your ability to drive the results you really want.

Personalization and cross-platform promotion are also essential areas of focus for the present and future of businesses. Closing the gap between platforms, devices and shopping/research sessions, in addition to the online/offline gap, should be a priority for any business interested in guiding the potential customers through their journey to purchase.

When the market shifts as much as it does, businesses must be careful to avoid stagnation. Audiences are prepared to engage with new methods and technologies if it brings efficiency to their transactions and research. If your business isn’t following the consumer tech trends, you could miss out on many opportunities. Agility is the name of the game.

[Driving growth] takes a shift in mindset to one that questions old marketing metrics and focuses instead on new business results; to one that doesn’t obsess about small imperfections, but uses big-picture tools and benchmarks to make better decisions; and to one that focuses on unrelenting experimentation in pursuit of new possibilities.

For more details tips, and examples of businesses big and small that have changed for the better, view the Think With Google report.

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