Digital Strongbox Combines Password and Media Storage on iOS

Digital StrongboxIn response to growing concerns over mobile security, Ebb Labs has created Digital StrongBox, an app that combines password storage lockers and photo and video storage solutions into a single app, providing encrypted storage for a user’s data. When downloading Digital Strongbox, users create a pin of 4-8 digits in length that must be entered any time the app is accessed, and from there, they can store photos, identification numbers, website passwords, videos, text notes and more.

When adding text information, users choose their template form, depending on the information they’re entering. These templates are available for passwords, financial documents (bank accounts or credit card information, for instance) and identification cards. A general “notepad” template is also available for storing information that doesn’t fit into a standard category. With the exception of the password form, these templates also support storing related images alongside the text information (for instance, for storing an image of a receipt alongside the text information about a purchase).

Once users fill their strongbox with content, they can create albums to organize photos, or search for specific text entries for easy access. It should be noted users can’t upload straight text document files to the app for storage. However, the company is interested in hearing user feedback, and has “many more features” planned for the app going forward.

Ebb Labs prides itself on the app’s design, which requires no account signups and is completely anonymous. Users also must remember their own pin number to access their content. If the phone is stolen, for instance, the developer has no master passcode or backdoor to give someone access remotely, as all data is stored on the user’s own mobile device (but again, it’s encrypted).

Digital Strongbox is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store, with this free version supporting storage of up to 20 photos and seven text data entries. Users can upgrade to the Professional Edition for $0.99 (an introductory price), to unlock unlimited storage for photos and videos, and 1,000 slots for text data entries.

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