Dire World Straits Result in Different Outcomes for Museums

Continuing on our museum travels across the world, we now hit up two interesting pieces of news we ran across that seem somewhat related. First, we turn to Mexico, where you might have heard there’s a bit of a pandemic going on right now. With tourists already afraid of visiting the country because they might get kidnapped or shot by warring drug gangs, things have gotten much, much worse for the museum industry there, most of which have been forced to shut their doors due to the ongoing Swine Flu scare, meaning the few tourists who are actually daring to visit Mexico now have nothing to see and aren’t likely to return to their native homelands and talking about how great it was to see all of their collections. And even if this Swine Flu passes, it’s not something that leaves the mind very easily when planning your next cultural outing-based vacation. And next up, some positive news for a museum, but also surrounding something negative. The Guardian reports that the Walter P. Chrysler Museum is receiving a steady stream of visitors who are eager to get to a place to fondly remember the brand before it either dies or get purchased (and will likely die a short time thereafter). Though you have to imagine that even if Chrysler goes under completely the museum probably won’t go anywhere for a while and might even get another bump in traffic if so, right?

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