Disney AppMates for iPad App Interacts with Toy Cars. Here’s How…

Disney is set to introduce a new free game for the iPad that works with physical objects ($20 toy cars from the Disney/Pixar movie “Cars” in this case) that interacts with the graphics on the iPad’s display.

AppMates: Disney toys turn iPad into a racetrack (CNET)

Microsoft’s Surface table is able to interact with external physical objects using cameras embedded it the display surface. However, the iPad does not have such embedded cameras within the display. So, how does this work? Robert Scoble (AKA the Scobleizer) interviewed Etienne Mineur who invented this technology to learn the trick.

The inventor of cool: Etienne Mineur (Google+)

The magic, it turns out, is in the conductive paint that extends the touch of human fingers to simulate multitouch on the iPad’s display. Each physical piece creates a unique multitouch event that differentiates each piece on the display. You can learn more about this amazing technology on Etienne Mineur’s blog:

Etienne Mineur archives

Video courtesy of Scobleizer

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