Disney Interactive Adds Squad Wars to Star Wars: Commander

The update adds squad-based battles to the base-building combat game.

Disney Interactive launched Squad Wars in Star Wars: Commander on mobile. The update adds squad-based battles to the base-building combat game.

With this update, squads can go to war against other squads in timed events on the new in-game planet of Sullust. Players need to reach at least HQ Level 5 to access this Squad Wars feature. Each Squad War supports up to 15 players on each side, and will pit one Rebel squad against one Empire squad.

Star Wars Commander Squad Wars

Once a squad adds itself to the Squad Wars matchmaking queue, the game will match the squad with another squad of the same level. Once a match is found, players have 24 hours to plan for the upcoming war.

During a Squad War, players will receive a temporary base, which is a duplicate of their main base. This allows players to edit their base with a defensive layout for the Squad War, while not affecting the rest of their gameplay. During the planning phase of a Squad War, players can also send troops to other users in their squad.

Once the planning phase is over, a second 24-hour timer begins, and players can begin attacking enemy squad bases, as well as three new Factory Outposts (new computer-controlled bases). If players capture a Factory Outpost, their Squad will receive a buff, which can impact future battles. A squad can attack and capture a Factory Outpost even if it has already been captured by the other team; however, Outposts will become more difficult to capture each time possession changes.

Each squad member can complete three actions during the battle phase of a Squad War. That is, players can launch three attacks against Factory Outposts, they can attack three bases controlled by other players or they can complete a combination of the two. A Squad War ends when every player on both squads has completed three actions, or when time runs out. The winning team will receive Supply Crates.

While Squad Wars are initially available on the new planet of Sullust, they will eventually be expanded to existing in-game planets, such as Hoth and Yavin 4.

Star Wars: Commander is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore and Windows Phone Store.

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