Disney Releases Peter Pan Book App

Disney Classics has released an interactive iPad edition of Peter Pan. The app, which costs $3.99, takes young readers through Neverland with drawings, sound effects and read-to-me feature.

The app also includes a matching puzzle game, a memory game, the ability to digitally “color” pages, as well as an emulation of a flute that kids can play.

The publisher has been making many of its classics available in the app form ever since the iPad was released. The publisher has had success with digital versions of its franchises including: Tangled, Beauty & The Beast, Cars and the Princess Dress-Up app, all of which have done time on the Top Grossing iOS Book Apps list. In an interview with eBookNewser, Yves Saada, VP of Digital Media at Disney Publishing, said: “We felt that we were creating a new interactive format, we wanted that format to be as widely distributed as possible so we gave the first Toy Story app away for free. We wanted to show what this platform could do for a book. We created a format that was combining books, immersive navigation, videos, songs, puzzles, reading and games, while keeping the reading experience as the focal point of the product.”

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