Does Low Turnout for Matthew Williamson-H&M Pairing Signal End of Fashion Frenzy?

Remember just a brief while ago when a big clothing retailer would sign up some big fashion designer to do a very limited collection to be sold much more cheaply in their stores and consumers would camp out in front of their stores and mob the stores once they opened, selling out of the stuff in mere minutes? Well apparently that is now a thing of the past as H&M learned late last week when they launched one of this limited collections, this time by Matthew Williamson. The collection was only going to be available in a few stores across the US and the retailer sent out press releases saying they expected similar frenzied shoppers to claw, punch, and kick their way to have every little bit of it. Unfortunately, it didn’t exactly pan out that way for them with just a handful of people showing up. What’s worse, everyone was civil and it sounds like there might have even been, gasp, some items still left on the racks after the day had ended. And here’s what you get for an answer from the same PR team that probably put together that initial press release:

An H&M spokeswoman in New York declined to comment on the number of people in line, but noted a peacock insignia jersey dress and a beaded ruffle gown were best sellers.

Though, of course, to be fair this was just the report from Chicago. It sounds that at other places, like Toronto, it was business as usual with all the big lines and hair-pulling nonsense you’ve come to love and expect.

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