Dogs vs Cats: Help These Pets Complete Match-Three Levels on Facebook

Dogs vs CatsGames publisher 6waves has launched another match-three title on Facebook: Dogs vs Cats. The title follows our furry friends on an adventure, as players complete stages by swapping the locations of yarn balls to create matches of three or more matching yarn balls horizontally or vertically. Each level has its own board layout and goal, with multiple kinds of levels being available for play.

The game’s most basic level type sees users required to earn a large number of points before running out of moves. Other levels ask players to clear sugar crystals from the board by making matches on top of them. Still others require users to drop key items to the bottom of the screen for collection, and so on.

Regardless of level-type, players will fill a magic ball on the side of the screen as they play. This is filled by making matches with yarn balls that have special fish symbols on top of them, or by making matches of four or five symbols on the board, in addition to matches in L or T shapes. These specific matches create fish symbols, which can be clicked on to add them to the magic ball. When filled and activated, the ball destroys a set of yarn balls from the board to help players out.Dogs vs CatsThe game also places a heavy emphasis on the colors of matches created. If users can create multiple matches in a row with the same color of yarn, they receive combo gifts on the board. These may remove small clusters of symbols from the board, or entire rows or columns of symbols, among other perks. Players meet various cat and dog characters as they complete levels, each with their own gift(s) to provide.

Users earn up to three stars on each stage, depending on their final score. This score is boosted by any remaining moves players have left over when finishing a level’s requirement(s). Users can compare their scores with their friends’ on level-specific leaderboards.

As players complete levels, they unlock additional power-ups for purchase. One, a paintbrush, allows users to repaint yarn balls to the color matching their current move combo color, while another lets players remove one chosen symbol from the board. Gamers can purchase extra moves, or a power that increases a player’s score for the level, among many other options. Some of these are available for purchase before a stage, while others can be activated while playing a level. In addition, some of these powers are given away for free so gamers can try them out.

Dogs vs Cats is available to play for free on Facebook.