Don Lemon Can Help You Not Get Raped [Updated]

Don Lemon, in addition to being a co-host of CNN Tonight, is an expert in rape prevention. We know that right now you’re thinking “Rape prevention? Shouldn’t the onus be on the attacker, not the victim? What the f*ck is wrong with everyone?” We are too! But thankfully Lemon is here to help us all, especially women who keep walking around and getting raped.

During an interview with Joan Tarshis — a woman who alleges that Bill Cosby sexually assaulted her — Lemon suggested that she should’ve used her teeth to bite his penis in order to stop the attack:

Lemon: You know, there are ways not to perform oral sex if you didn’t want to do it.

Tarshis: Oh. Um, I was kind of stoned at the time, and quite honestly, that didn’t even enter my mind. Now I wish it would have.

Lemon: Right. Meaning the using of the teeth, right?

Tarshis: Yes, that’s what I’m thinking you’re —

Lemon: As a weapon.

Tarshis: Yeah, I didn’t even think of it.

Lemon: Biting.

Tarshis: Ouch.

Lemon: Yes. I had to ask. I mean, it is, yeah.

Tarshis: Yes. No, it didn’t cross my mind.

He had to ask! Because biting a man’s penis to stop a sexual assault is rule #8 in the Guidelines for Not Getting Raped.

What makes this especially mind boggling is that Lemon has admitted that he was sexually abused as a child. You would think he’d be a little smarter than this. Maybe he’s just mad no one told him to “use his teeth” when he was a kid.

Update (5:53 pm):
Lemon has apologized. “A word about my interview last night with Cosby accuser Joan Tarshis: As I am a victim myself, I would never want to suggest that any victim could have prevented a rape,” said Lemon. “If my question to her struck anyone as insensitive, I am sorry as that was certainly not my intention.”

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