Don’t Mess with The Daily’s Twitter Policy

File this under “Reading Can Be Helpful.” According to Jim Romenesko, Luke Kummer, a reporter for The Daily, resigned after seeing that one of his stories was edited in a way he didn’t appreciate. Kummer submitted his resignation, and then tweeted to The Daily’s account that the new story, “has nothing to do with my reporting. I object to it in every way. I wrote straight w/o absurd sensationalism.”

Unfortunately for Kummer, the tweet was a breach of contract according to a letter he received from The Daily:

As you should recall, when you joined The Daily, you signed a Non-Disclosure/Non-Compete Agreement. In section 5 of that Agreement (see attached) you agreed that during your employment and for two years after, you “will not criticize, ridicule, or make any statement which disparages or is derogatory of the Company or its affiliates, or any of their representative employees or business products or services.”

It goes without saying that you are currently in breach of your contractual obligations to the Company. Should you engage in any further misconduct, you will leave The Daily no choice but to sue you for injunctive relief, money damages and attorneys’ fees, as provided for under the Agreement.

Somehow we think that Kummer will be sure to read the next contract before he signs it.

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