Dorian Nakamoto Wants to Sue Newsweek

Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto, the man who Newsweek reported had created Bitcoin, wants to sue the magazine over its cover story. According to TechCrunch, Nakamoto is trying to raise the necessary funds to sue the glossy on a site called

When the Newsweek story ran, Nakamoto told everyone who would listen that he had no involvement in Bitcoin. In fact, he claimed that the only reason he had even heard of the digital currency was because a Newsweek reporter contacted his son about it.

NewsweekLied explains that Nakamoto suffered as a direct result of the Newsweek article:

Dorian’s family was confused by Newsweek’s article. He and his brothers were misquoted. In some cases, words were attributed to them that were never said. In the chaos, his mother believed that the authorities were planning on removing her from her home to put her in a care facility. His estranged wife and children were alienated by the story, which portrayed a person and situation different from their understanding of their husband and father.

Hilariously, donations to Nakamoto’s cause can be made by Bitcoin.


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