Dr. Bronner’s Trolls President Obama, Hates GMOs

We’ve always seen soap-maker Dr. Bronner’s as a brand for your slight crazy aunt — the one who owns 14 cats and makes odd political comments at family gatherings but gives the BEST Christmas presents (which she makes by hand).

We weren’t too surprised to see that the company is behind one of the week’s more unusual press releases. Check out the headline and the lede:

dr bronner

The statement from President David Bronner is definitely milder than the rants that cover the brand’s packaging.

“Regardless of the outcome, Oregonians have demonstrated that record-breaking spending by chemical and junk food companies will not stop the movement to label food that is engineered by chemical companies to survive high doses of the pesticides they sell.”

Bronner gets a bit more specific with his political advocacy:

“In the larger, more progressive presidential electorate in 2016, Yes on 92 would easily prevail; that message is clearly understood by friend and foe alike. With the introduction of crops engineered to tolerate massive amounts of the toxic herbicide 2,4 D, mandatory labeling will become reality by 2016, as ever greater amounts of toxic pesticides saturate our food and farming communities, and citizens wake up to the pesticide industry boondoggle of GE crops.”

The release then quotes the spokesperson for the campaign itself — and the company did a bit of informal lobbying on Twitter:

So that’s one way to do grassroots advocacy.

But based on Obama’s responsibilities and his record of addressing his own supporters’ appeals over the past six years, we don’t think “write a response to Dr. Bronner’s/support Yes on 92” will show up on his calendar anytime soon.

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