Dragon for Salesforce: Talk to Salesforce.com’s Business Cloud Products

If your business uses Salesforce.com’s services, you may want to take a look at a free iPhone speech recognition app from Nuance designed specifically for Saleforce.com’s products.

Introducing Dragon for Salesforce! FREE for ALL Salesforce.com Customers!

If you are familiar with Dragon Diction for the iPhone (also free), you are already familiar with the way speech recognition works in the app for Salesforce.com. Dragon for Salesforce lets you record and send speech-to-text transcriptions for Chatter collaboration, Call Log notes, Email, or pasted into any application. The app will auto-populate Call Log Fields as you provide speech input for each field.

Note that Nuance’s Dragon Mobile speech recognition products requires network connectivity in order to send your speech data to Nuance servers and then return the text transcription. You can find this free at linked below:

Dragon for Salesforce (iTunes App Store)

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