A Drake Cover Story, Deconstructed

With rapper Drake adorning the April 2012 cover of GQ, LA Times media critic James Rainey pegs it as the latest example of the glossy monthly magazine staple known as the date-as-interview. In these cases, the reporter acts as a surrogate for the respective gender side of a publication’s celebrity-adoring readership.

The author of the GQ cover story is Claire Hoffman, a one-time LA Times staffer. Here’s what she told Rainey about her latest, impressive celebrity “get:”

“It’s not brain-surgery hard, but it’s hard,” said Hoffman. “The conceit is always that you are going to get in there and discover them in some way they haven’t been discovered before.”

“Drake is a creature of the Internet and social media. He has been blogging since long before he became famous and he tweets pictures of himself,” Hoffman said. “He is constantly already exposing himself and the idea is, I am going to expose him anew.”

Rainey adds input from a pair of journalism profs and frames his look at the recent evolution – or deterioration, depending on your POV – of such celebrity profiles with mention of a recent Gawker piece about this same general topic. To read Hoffman’s Drake profile, click here.

@hollywoodspin rhorgan@gmail.com Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.